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” After accusing an officer of racially profiling him, he challenges said officer to a fight.

“F— the police comin’ straight from the underground/A young n—- got it bad ’cause I’m brown/And not the other color so police think/They have the authority to kill a minority/F— that s—, ’cause I ain’t the one/For a punk motherf—– with a badge and a gun/To be beatin’ on, and thrown in jail/We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell!

In this ruling, four justices dissented from the majority, at least in part. Since then, courts have been divided about whether covers off-campus speech. Scott Colom, Bell’s lead attorney, has previously told the SPLC that Bell would consider going to the Supreme Court if the Fifth Circuit overturned his appeal and that “this issue is ripe for Supreme Court review.” Colom did not respond to requests for comments on Thursday.

A ‘favorable attitude toward education’Michele Floyd, attorney for the Itawamba School District, said she was excited about the ruling and the “implications that it has for the school districts in our circuit.” “I was very pleased with the majority opinion’s very favorable attitude toward education and the hurdles educators have in disciplining students and maintaining control in classrooms, and how hard that is these days,” she said.

I got kids to think about now.” But if he’s not thinking about that, you’re toast. He’ll be loud and he’ll be blustery but he’ll also be extra-sensitive about everything.

Drugs and guns were all around Taylor when he was a youngster. He’s not intimidating but he’s not unintimidating either. He’s not ultra-serious but he’s also not ultra-goofy.

Dad brains are always like, “Man, I can’t [DANGEROUS THING]. *The best thing that happened last week was when the Donald Sterling story started unraveling and Reggae Snoop immediately reverted back to Regular Snoop in his video response. If it was Digitized Kanye West from the “Black Skinhead” video, then I’d say avoid it (he’d probably club you over the head with the mega-penis he gave himself), but this is real-life Kanye so you’re safe.

One of the most relaxed beats in hip hop Who is Nas?

I have never heard of him in my life and I listen to hardcore "gansta" rap everyday. Dre This song made g-funk popular and is considered one of the most influential and greatest rap songs of all time. By far the best rap song if all time (in flow, beat, everything!

Don’t fight rappers, but also just don’t fight anybody. It’s not good for you and it’s not good for the person you’re fighting and it’s not good for the universe. (The one exception is if you happen to find yourself eye-to-eye with Dwyane Wade, the most unlikable person currently in the NBA playoffs. It was inspired by the recent standoff the LAPD had with, among others, the Game and T. The top bar across it, the Toughness Indicator, is very much a flexible postulate, a raw guess at how tough/mean/aggressive somebody is. But since you are, here you go: Two more things: (1) No fight is a true fight unless someone gets knocked out, so that’s the barometer here. Referee Mario shouldn’t have let him fight like that. You have to remember that he’s extra tall so he’s gonna have an infuriating reach advantage. I think Busta is like 1,000 years old but whatever, because he also looks like he can bench-press a Hyundai, so stay away. He started getting old and was like, “What can I do to look young and normal?

Fight him for America.) (DISCLAIMER: If you’re the type of person who reads about this sort of thing on the Internet, then I have to believe that you will get pummeled by Wade, but still. It’ll be a good story to tell once all of your teeth grow back.) Here’s the other thing: This is a chart to help you figure out if you fight a particular rapper, should you somehow be in position to do so and of the mind to do so. You’d likely win this fight if it managed to come off, but I’d sidestep it because let’s say you trip over Puff’s teeny-tiny teeth and fall and hit your head on the concrete and knock yourself out or whatever, he is absolutely going to celebrate by doing that Diddy Bop dance he’s done for the last 60 years. *Why didn’t anyone ever talk about the giant bandage on King Hippo’s stomach? His knockout percentage is low, but that only accounts for his thinness. Let me make the muscles in my neck super duper strong.” Weird, weird.

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The 49-year-old actor sports a white fedora and faded sunglasses in the pic -- the same outfit he was wearing in a shot posted to his Instagram the same day.

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